About Mackenzie Search.

In 2009 the Global Head of Marketing for a leading bank, and the Global Head of Human Resources for an International Market Research firm, asked Keith Mackenzie to set up an executive recruitment search firm. They felt it was time for something different in the Search recruitment market.

Fundamentally, Mackenzie Search was their idea, the basic principles that they wanted were the ones I applied to my own clients for the last 15 years. They just needed to convince me it was the right time... It’s still the best decision we have ever made.

The Fundamentals we agreed on were:

  • To start with a complete briefing, face to face, with the client to get a full description of the job role and the requirements needed from the candidate.

  • We needed to challenge every point and work with the client to be sure all of the important factors are covered.

  • Tell the client the truth about expectations.

  • They didn’t want a predictable database to show the same faces over again, our challenge was, and still is, to dig deep and unearth the best of the best.

  • They wanted informal weekly updates, and when things were difficult, they wanted to know about it. This way we could work as a team to think of new approaches.

  • Detailed analyses of the candidates, and to assist the client in searching out the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses during their interviews.

  • They wanted someone who thought about their business and knew it inside out so. That way, we could bring them tactical candidates to expand their business at the right time.

  • Help the client to make the right decision about the chosen candidate through straight talking, robust advice and an ability to handle delicate matters diplomatically.